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Improve Your Casting Technique With these Essential Tips

Improve Your Casting Technique With these Essential Tips

If you want to get better at fishing, perfecting your casting technique is the best way to do it. It’s not all that hard to make improvements, either, if you’re willing to work at it. Here are a few tips for getting your casting technique where it needs to be.

Be mindful of your grip

The way that you hold your rod and reel when you cast is very important. If your grip is off, your cast will be too. When you grip your pole, hold it with your casting hand placed where the rod and reel meet. Then, place your index finger on the front of your reel and wrap the rest of your fingers behind it. This will help keep everything steady when you cast.

Make sure your line is set up properly

Once you’ve got your grip down, it’s time to take a look at your line to get it ready for your cast. When casting, you should leave about a foot of line between your lure and the tip of your rod. You also want to put the roller located on your reel bail right below where your index finger is located. When you grab the line with your index finger, it should be pulled tight before you open up your reel and release it. This will get you all ready to cast your line out.

Look around before you cast

You’re almost ready to cast your line. But before you do, look behind you and see if there’s anything that could snag your bait or lure. Bushes, trees and other people are the most common culprits. If there’s nothing behind you that might impede your cast, point your rod in the direction that you want to cast. swing the rod behind you and bring it right back forward, all in one smooth motion. Stop holding the line with your index finger at that point to release your lure, and your cast is complete.

If you aren’t happy with the results of your cast, you can reel in your line and try again. You can also try tweaking the equipment you use in order to make your cast feel more comfortable. Slater’s Jigs offers a wide range of handmade fishing jigs and lures that are perfect for practicing your casting technique. Check out what we have in stock or call us at 800-748-8711 today to place an order.

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