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Unique Advantages of Artificial Lures

Unique Advantages of Artificial Lures

While both live bait and artificial lures have unique advantages that make them worthwhile options for anglers, there are some big benefits that come along with using lures. For starters, you won’t have to worry about refrigerating them or keeping them in a live well with circulating water like you’ll have to do with live bait. But the benefits don’t end there. Here are several other advantages of using artificial lures over live bait.

Catch Larger Fish with Lures

In general, you will typically catch larger fish when you use artificial lures. Live bait tends to attract all fish, regardless of size, which can be problematic if you’re fishing in a place that has a lot of fish. You’re more likely to catch undersized fish with bait. Fish are usually a bit more selective when it comes to lures, though, so you may find that you bring in larger fish that commit themselves to trying to eat your lure. 

If it’s a particular time of season for larger fish, you’re best bet is to use our artificial lures to have a big catch! 

Safely Catch Fish with Lures

When a fish clamps down on a lure, it will just about always end up with a hook through its mouth, jaw or lips. If you are catching and releasing fish, this will make it significantly easier for you to hook a fish and then get it back into the water. It will be safer for both you and the fish when you opt to use artificial lures, and the best part of all is that you won’t have to worry about putting more live bait on your line every time you catch a fish.

You may struggle sometimes with releasing the fish from the hook, whether you’re catching and releasing or catching for keeps. Having an artificial lure will allow you to have an easy catch and release. 

Satisfying Fishing Experience

Fishing with a lure can be a little bit more challenging at times than fishing with live bait, but that means you’ll get a certain sense of satisfaction when you use a lure to bring in a fish. You will be proud of the fact that you used the right lure to bring the fish in, and you may even find that you enjoy yourself more when using a lure than you do when using live bait.

Trying to find the right lure for your next fishing excursion? Browse our selection of jigs online, or contact Slater’s Jigs at 800-748-8711!

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